Wednesday 16 September 2009

Premio Meme Award

I have been awarded the (very pretty if I may say so!) "Premio Meme" award by the lovely, and multi- talented Luthien. Whilst I have no clue what the name means (for all I know I may have been given an award for keeping my paintbrushes clean!) I apparently have to reveal 7 facts about myself. So... 1. My favourite flowers are peonies (red ones) 2. Though I don't really believe in lucky numbers, mine is 11 3. I am allergic to kiwi fruit 4. I have never learned to drive (though never say never!) 5. I find people watching fascinating 6. I love the smells of vanilla, roses, and washing that has dried on the line on a sunny day 7. I can't function in the morning before I've had 2 cups of coffee!


  1. lol!! i can't function in the mornings period!

    oh my!!! you've never learnt to drive ... that's a really interesting fact, but i guess it is easier to move about in the UK than here. i really miss the efficient public transport there. hey! i love vanilla and roses and dried clothes too!!! how uncanny!! :))

    love reading more about you :) hahaha! i should pass you more of these awards so that i can learn even more about you :))

  2. I love reading everyone's 7 things about themselves!! 2 cups of coffee, and you've never learned to drive? wow! But I live in the burbs where it's not practical to walk to stores, etc... I'm glad Luthien gave you the award so I could learn more about you! xo Michele

  3. How do you survive w/o driving said the lady from Southern California? I don't function well in the morning either. I received one of those awards...what I suppose to write down 7 things about me...oopsie!

    Luthien as usual has a good eye for talent and enjoy your props and go outside and smell the roses...


    ps. I just found out you live in the UK..that makes 8.

  4. Oh I loved learning more about you and found everything fascinating! I wish we had red peonies here, I've never seen them.

  5. I can't function without my morning coffee either... lol
    It's fun to know a few more facts about you darling :)
    You should definitely learn to drive, and if you have a lucky number, you probably do believe in it even just a tad... otherwise how would you know what number that is... :P

  6. Thanks for all your comments - fun to find out what similarities and differences we have!

    As for the driving thing, I am really spoilt here for public transport! There's a bus that literally goes past my house every 10 minutes, and goes right into the centre of Manchester!