Saturday 12 September 2009

The Future is ....

I am a member of a few etsy teams - most of them are based around location, or a shared interest - painters, mixed media artists, jewellers, etc. Inspiration Avenue is different in that it includes members from all around the world, who all work in different media, with the common theme of wanting to encourage and inspire each others work. The team has just started a weekly challenge - last week the theme was "summer" and this week it's "orange". So, after sitting out last week, I have pulled my finger out this week and finished this little mixed media canvas! Maybe I could cheat and say it covers both weeks! All the entries will shortly be posted here. Anyone can take part in the weekly challenge - next week's theme will be posted on our blog shortly. It's good sometimes to have a starting point to work from, and it's also a good incentive to produce new work, even if you only take part now and then (I'm not expecting to be able to take part every week myself, I can't paint that fast, steam would be coming off my paintbrush!) If you're interested in joining the team, you can find out more here. We're a small-ish and very friendly group, so it's easy to get to know us. And we're all nice and normal (well, other than the occasional frog throwing, but that's another story!)


  1. I love what you've created here Angie!! Great!
    BTW, got my Dasie in the mail on Friday :) Love it!! It's already found a permanent home on my shelf in my room!

  2. Thanks Tali! I love yours too! So glad you got your little flower canvas and that you like it! x

  3. this painting is really just awesome! gosh ...i could almost taste the orange! that's how attractive it is :) lol!! this week i was down with migraine over the weekend so i didn't get anything done :)) can't wait for next week's topic to come on :)

  4. Beautiful! I love the sense of movement that you captured! You can almost feel the breeze.

  5. Thanks Luthien - sorry you've nor been feeling well - hope you're better now. I may do next week's as well - theme is vintage.
    Threadsofmagique thanks for your kind words!

  6. Oh Angie this is absolutely beautiful! I honestly adore the painting you created for this challenge!!

    The colors are so warm and the darling bird just sets it all - GORGEOUS!!

  7. There's still some lingering heat of summer in your painting (as I sit here in a jumper facing the evening chill!).
    Do you mind if I ask you a technical question? What's the best way to stop paper wrinkling when you collage. Should you only use fairly thick paper? Is there any particular glue that works best? Would really appreciate some advice! Thanks

  8. Sharon thank you - both for your lovely compliment and for your purchase of my painting!! x

    WrightStuff yes - I kind of bridged last week's challenge (summer) and this one (orange)!

    Re the collage question, I tend to just use PVA for most projects. Thinner papers do tend to wrinkle a lot more easily, yes, so using thicker paper will help. I sometimes glue very fragile papers onto thin card or cartridge paper first. Other than that, my only tip would be not to use too much glue, as the wetter the paper gets the more prone it is to wrinkles. Hope that's some help!

  9. Angie, this is beautiful. It feel like sunshine :)


  10. Steam coming off my paint brush...HA, that's funny. Like I say about my family when they eat...sparks fly from the You are truly creative and creativity takes time. Whatever you are doing keep it up!


  11. I love the birdie in this piece. Sweet tweets! ;D

  12. Bunny and Tammy thank you both for your lovely comments! :)