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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Pimms, Murder Mysteries and Sheep!

Pimms, Murder Mysteries and Sheep - where else could you get all three in one place?? I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon last weekend with my lovely friend Julie, having a long, lazy lunch and drinking Pimms at Sutton Hall in Macclesfield. Julie always thinks of wonderful places to go to, and Sutton Hall is beautiful - it's an old manor house converted into a traditional pub and resteraunt, and it's full of interesting nooks and crannies and lovely original features. I loved the old wooden gate hidden away at the end of the grounds - it reminded me of "A Secret Garden"! The Hall has a really interesting history; it's 480 years old, and is the family home of the Earls of Lucan. There was a huge scandal in the 1970s when the sixth Earl of Lucan famously disappeared following the murder of his nanny. He's never been found, though over the years several people have claimed to have spotted him! If you like a good murder mystery, you can read the full story here! Also at one point in it's history the Hall was used as a convent, and there is a barrow in the grounds that is apparently from a Bronze age crematorium site! The Hall was also the birthplace of Ralph Holinshed, a 16th century scholar whose historical chronicles were used as the basis for fourteen of Shakespeare’s plays. It was really interesting to find out about the Hall's past; next time I go I'll be looking out for Lord Lucan whilst I'm sat drinking my Pimms! And being the city dweller that I am, of course I had to take a photo of the sheep - well, we don't see them very often in the middle of Manchester! If you're ever in the area and would like to visit Sutton Hall you find out more via their website.


  1. What a heavenly place, just beautiful, and an interesting history!! Sounds like you had blissful day. Oh, and I love sheep, we have lots at this end of the country!!! :0)

  2. Thanks Artisanne - yes it was lovely! And glad you enjoyed the sheep photo!

  3. What a fabulous place to spend an afternoon! I loved the sheep :)


  4. What a great place to spend time.
    In our town a shepar is and his sheeps is going tru the town during th summer to short the gras beside the streets. very Eco

  5. What a great day out. I have always been intrigued by the Lord Lucan mystery. You had posted on my site that you had a half finished Babushka painting, well, you must finish it off. I would love to see it. I am Babushka obsessed at the moment. Also, thank you very much for posting my Extremely Crafty button on your site. I'll announce tomorrow who's won!

  6. Thanks everyone!
    Grandma62 that is a very eco way of grass cutting - what a great idea! Michele I will put my Babushka nearer to the top of "paintings to finish" pile!

  7. Enjoyed reading all about Sutton Hall... makes me want to visit it. Great photos too. Glad you had such a good day...
    Julie (another):)

  8. I'm just checking out your blog and I love it (that's the reason I'm commenting on an older post). Everything about this post just renewed my life-long wish to visit England! And yes, I agree, the doorway does look like it could be the entrance to The Secret Garden (one of my favorite books ever!)

    Wishing you a wonderful day!