Sunday 7 June 2009

Eight Things

I've been tagged by my friend Sharon of Manamoon. On a side note, Sharon's beautiful jewelery is going to be appearing in the Tori Spelling show soon - I just wanted to point out there that I know a famous person!! The tag is based around the number 8. Eight is seen as very lucky in Chinese culture as it sounds similar to the word for "wealth", and it is the only Fibonacci number that is a perfect cube (see, you've learned something!) Here are my answers - 8 Things I'm looking forward to: 1. The Manchester University end of year art degree shows 2. Working on a new commission painting that I'm starting this week 3. My friend Julie's birthday this month - I have a nice surprise lined up for her (sssh!) 4. My son finishing school/exams this week - lots of summer lie-ins! 5. The next meeting of the Manchester Etsy team at the Manchester Craft Centre - which also has gorgeous shops and the best cafe ever! 6. The final of The Apprentice 7. Hopefully a bit more sunshine! 8. My next etsy sale! 8 Things I did yesterday: 1. Some painting 2. Spent too much time faffing about on the internet 3. Watched a repeat of The Apprentice with my son (getting him up to speed for the final!) 4. Baked my own biscuits (note - this is by no means a normal daily occurrence!) 5. Window shopping 6. Actual (food) shopping 7. Phoned my friend 8. Tried to make my son do some revision 8. Things I wish I could do: 1. Travel more - visit India 2. Take a year off work and spend more time making art 4. Afford to buy all my favourites on Etsy! 5. Play the piano 6. Earn my living from painting 7. Be more decisive 8. Win the Lottery 8 Things or Shows I've watched lately: 1. The Apprentice 2. Flowers blooming in my garden 3. Donnie Darko (again) 4. My son get ready for his school prom 5. The world go by 6. The sheep and ducks at Sutton Hall! 7. Grey's Anatomy 8. Big Brother (sorry!) 8 of my favorite blogs: 1. Coral Seas 2. Coastal Sisters 3. Mana Moon 4. Angie Kelly Designs 5. Harmony Quest 6. Sweets and Greets 7. Emberseed 8. Rockis Rock n Beads


  1. Wow, ok first off I DID learn something about the number 8 and aren't you just a wealth of information!? Thanks!

    Loved reading all your answers too! I didn't realize we both had sons graduating this year and how lovely to bake biscuits! I wouldn't have guessed that you would like Donnie Darko (excellent movie) and I hear they're coming out with a new one. whoot!

    Now to be patient and wait for that newest commissioned painting to make an appearance... can't wait!

  2. Hi Sharon!

    Yes I loved Donnie Darko - I'm very excited about the sequel!

    And I'll post my new painting here once it's done so you can have a peek!