Friday 20 February 2009

Art on a Postcard!

These are my entries into this year's Post Card Art Show. Run by i-Candy arts, the show is now in it's third year. It is an open submission for any kind of visual art, provided it's the size of a post card - hence the name! Well, actually, the permitted size for artwork is 6x4", though I discovered that most postcards these days actually seem to have shrunk to 5.5 x 3.5" (deflation? global warming??) but that's another story. The show attracts entries from artists from all over the UK, and work has included paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, collage, written work and stained glass. This year the show will be held at the Eat@Ours Café in Hastings, East Sussex, throughout March. I love the idea of accessible, affordable art - all work in the show is for sale at a flat rate of £10 and can be taken away there and then.


  1. They're beautiful entries Angie!! You deserve to do really well!!!

    I'll be able to go and have a look as it's not far from me!! Yay!! Will you be there?

  2. Oops, me again! Is it a competition or an exhibition? If it's a competition, you deserve to win!! If it's an exhibition, I'll have to race down there to buy your art up!!!

  3. Hi Catherine
    Thanks so much!

    I didn't realise this was near you - but then geography's never been my strong point! How close is it? Do let me know if you do end up going - would love to know what you think of the show!

    I don't think I'll be able to get there - I don't drive and it's a bit awkward to get to on public transport.

    Oh, an it's an exhibition rather than a competition - anyone can enter as long as the work is postcard sized!

    Hope you're having a good weekend and your sons and their friends aren't keeping you too busy!
    Angie x

  4. Oh Angie this is wonderful and your work is just so beautiful!!!

    I hope you don't mind but I would like to post this blog entry on our team blog. I'll simply copy and past from your original!

    Thanks for letting us know and good luck!♥

  5. Hi Angie! I hope you're having a good weekend!

    Thanks for asking about the boys. I have no idea what time they all went to sleep last night! The joys of sleepovers!

    I've looked at the website for the exhibition but I can't seem to find a date or venue on it. Am I being particularly idiotic? I'd love to go if possible as Hastings is only a 30 minute drive from here.

  6. Thank you Sharon - and of course I don't mind you posting this on the team blog - that's very sweet of you!

    Catherine I think the best way with sleepovers is to go to sleep yourself and let them get on with it ;)

    It's not you with the website - I can't see much info there either! I believe the show runs throughout March and it's at the Eat@Ours Café at 12 Claremont, Hastings, which is in the town center next to Hastings Library.

    It's so lovely of you to want to go and see it, though please don't go out of your way or anything!

    Thanks for your support ladies! x