Sunday 17 July 2011


Some photos from the lovely city of Bath, where I spent a few days earlier this week...
Above is the Royal Cresent. Many of the buildings in Bath are made from this lovely honey coloured stone.

Bath Abbey (above and below) is quite beautiful. It was begun in 1499, and is the last of the great medieval churches of England. I wonder how many people have found refuge or comfort here during all those centuries...

Part of the Abbey's ceiling; the detail of the architecture is amazing.
Bath is also famous for being the home of Britain's only hot spring. It was first established as a city by the Romans in AD 43. You can still visit the Roman Baths and they still flow with natural hot water. I love the colour of the water though I'm not sure I'd want to drink it!
On my last day I treated myself to breaksfast at the elegant Pump Room Restaurant, whilst listening to their trio of classical musicians :)


  1. Wow- it looks beautiful. I've always wanted to go to Bath- very Jane Austen!!

  2. Gorgeous- we went to England when I was 19, and Bath was one of my favorite places we visited- so incredibly beautiful!

  3. Wow what a gorgeous city. The architecture is amazing. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos. I bet you had a lovely time.

  4. Oh this is heavenly! I'm always in awe of the gorgeous architecture in your part of the world, granted we have some fabulous historic locations here but nothing quite compares to the beauty found in Europe!

  5. Gorgeous pics... I seriously want to go there now... love the amazing architecture and how cool is the color of the water... don't think I would want to drink it

    Jenny x

  6. Gorgeous architecture! This is so much more charming than the modern buildings.
    Thank you for your sweet comment and your birthday wishes :-)!