Sunday 22 August 2010

Birthday Friendship Kit

I know it's a bit late but I just wanted to share this fab little birthday gift bag I got from a creative friend! It was a "friendship kit", and the contents were-
"A candle - to light up your life
A safety pin - for the unexpected
A rubber band - a  reminder to stay flexible
A plaster - to help heal wounded feelings
A paper clip - to help you keep things together
A button - to remind us to sometimes button our lip!
An eraser - because we all make mistakes
Some marbles - to replace any you may have lost!
A cotton ball - to cushion the road ahead
A penny -  so you will never be broke
A balloon - to celebrate life (I already blew that up and popped it!)
And finally - a prayer - to remind you that there is always someone out there who cares"


  1. wow! that's interesting ... is it tradition?

  2. I'm not sure Luthien - it was a new one on me! It was in another bag with lots of other lovely bits - a scented candle, handmade soap, some arty-crafty bits - fab present!

  3. Thanks Stephanie - it is sweet isn't it? :)

  4. How creative! The perfect gift for a girl who has it all, such as yourself. LOL!
    It is thoughtful, and the bag must surely signify royalty.


    What is it you call bandages?
    Plasters??? I love it :D

    Love to you girlfriend!

  5. Thanks Sharon :)

    Lisa I'm not sure about the having it all but I like the royalty bit! And yes that's a plaster - is that terribly English lol? x

  6. Just thought I'd stop by to say hello - I met you a couple of year's ago when we were both displaying artwork in Didsbury - in fact you introduced me to Etsy! Perhaps we'll bump into each other again.

  7. Hi Jude, thanks for visiting! Would you let me know your etsy shop name so I can have a peek? Thanks!

  8. Hi Angie! Neat pressie, what a lovely idea!

    Ro xxx