Thursday 14 February 2013

Surrounded by wedding favours!

I've not posted for a while ... I'm blaming computer issues, minor domestic disasters and (a bit more happily!) being very busy with orders.
 The orders have mainly been for my little birdhouse wedding favours. Every surface of my art room is covered with these at the moment, which is quite nice really as I think they're rather pretty!
In between birdhouses, I've been working on an art journal for a brand new round robin project! This time we're theming our journals by colour. I'll post more soon, but I bet you can't guess what colour I've chosen for my journal? Which would you choose?


  1. Your birdhouse wedding favours are adorable Angie!! These will be treasured by the wedding guests lucky enough to receive them. What a change from almonds & chocolates in net bags, lol :-)

    Hope you're enjoying your busy time.
    Kat Xx

  2. Oh my Angie! What a lot of work!
    I've never seen so many bird houses in the same spot. What a great idea for a wedding favor.

    If I didn't know better, I would say you chose red for your color...I always think of red hearts when I think of you :)
    I'll be sending my book to you this week...hope to finish it up tomorrow♥♥

  3. That's only a small selection Lisa, I've posted some off now but had about 110 here last week!

    Can't wait to see your book, very excited!! And you're pretty close as red is my favourite colour, but it's not the one I chose funnily enough!x

  4. Very sweet little birdhouses. Looks like you've been having fun.

  5. Thanks Sharon - very happy to say the bride loved them too!