Wednesday 5 December 2012

Pom tiddly pom - Making a Pom Pom tutorial

Pom poms are an easy and fun make for the festive season, and a great way to use up odd remnants of wool. They make fab tree decorations, a quirky addition to your gift wrap, or you could even do lots and make a pom pom garland! 

What you'll need  
Ribbon for hanging (or you can just use a length of wool if you prefer) 

Making your Pom Pom 
First you need to cut out two identical doughnut shapes from your card. I've drawn round a roll of tape to make mine ...
Place the 2 card shapes together. Then cut a length of wool and, starting at the outside edge, begin to wind it around the card...
Carry on winding (you can add new lengths of wool as necessary, just remember always to start winding from the outside edge) until the card is completely covered with a farily thick layer of wool...
 Now the (slightly) awkward bit! Cut all round the outside edge of the doughnut - your scissors should eventually pass through the 2 pieces of card..
 Once you've cut all the way round, tie a piece of ribbon (or a length of wool) round the middle of the pom pom, between the 2 pieces of card. Then remove the card.
Finally, fluff out your pom pom out and trim any sticky-out bits!


  1. Oh I love making these ~ haven't done so in ages! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. I used to always be making these when I was a kid!!

    Have a beautifully festive Christmas dear lady.


  3. Cute this is reminds me of my childhood, love it its so easy and your result is so adorable

  4. It reminds me my childhood, love it, thank you to share and have a wonderful joyous christmas!

  5. The journal is amazing, thank you for sharing the wonders of the imagination. Pop over to my blog and say hi, I just posted some tags from the tag-swap, Please click on follow me, I am new to Inspiration Ave. Thank you.