Sunday 2 September 2012

IAE Challenge - Doors and windows

 Inspiration Avenue set their creative challenge this week on the theme of "doors and windows".
Now windows don't especially inspire me, but I do have a fascination with doors - whenever I visit somewhere I always
seem to come back with at least one photo of a doorway! I'm particularlydrawn to doors that are old and rusted...
Or ones with chipped paint... 
 Maybe it's the metaphor - hidden things and potential secrets ...
My submission (at the top) started with this photo of a church door. I added effects  using the fabulous picmonkey site.
You can see all this week's submissions at Inspiration Avenue


  1. Great submission!

    Have heard good things about pic monkey and will check it out.

    Especially like that old lock.

  2. i've not heard of picmonkey... think i'll take a look!
    a great entry :)
    enjoy your week xx

  3. Great doors - this theme obviously struck a creative chord with many folks. Though I'm not familiar with picmonkey, your results are great!

  4. I love your image, and definitely prefer doors over windows too. The older, the more distressed and battered the better. I always wonder about the stories they could tell!