Friday 1 June 2012

Journal Number 3 ...

More on the Round Robin I'm taking part in! I've just completed these pages in Maggie's journal and it's now on it's way to the next person ...
I used a vintage image of a little girl as I liked her slightly ethereal look. The texture on the first page was created with crumpled tissue paper, with paint and coloured pencil added. The opposite page has the same image (but larger) with the background painted in acrylics ...
 I debated adding something else to this page, but in the end I decided I preferred the empty space around her. There's a Mozart quote about music -  that it "exists in the silence between the notes"... maybe art exists in the empty spaces ...
I also made this little tag to go with the journal, with added ribbon and lace.


  1. Ooooh, Angie! This is ethereally beautiful!! I can't WAIT to see it in person, but I know I will have to. I just love the soft muted colors and the vintage images (you know I love those :) And the tag with its colors and layers and texture...gorgeous! Thank you, thank you my dear friend!!

    1. I'm really happy you like it Maggie, thanks! I loved the work you'd done in your journal, it's so beautiful!

  2. Oh I love these pages and I know Maggie will also. So pretty and I do love the ethereal image and the paint techniques you used. The tag is very sweet.

    I have to mail my pkg out tomorrow to Kim. Sheesh, I have been backed up on everything this month. It is so fun getting a break to work on a fun project like these Art journals.

    Okay, I have to run now. I have 450 postcards to print and cut.

    Have a lovely long weekend.

    1. Thanks sweetie, and good luck with all those postcards!! Great that you're busy but don't forget to take a break!

  3. Angie, I love love this image! I had this same picture on some greeting cards I made for myself. One of my favorite pictures. You did a beautiful job on both pages and I love what you said about maybe "Art exist in empty spaces". I really like the empty spaces. I always fight this uncontrollable urge to fill up my pages. Your two pages are magical! I am loving the spoiler alerts myself! I don't think there is anyone NOT PEEKING... do you?

    Waving in all directions and kissing the ground for Friday!!! Really need some weekend time!


    1. Thank you Kim, and yes there's definitely something about that image of the girl that draws you isn't there, I found it quite haunting.

      I do like empty space but I also go the other way sometimes - more is more ha ha! I definitely think both can work!

      I'm guessing none of us has the willpower not to be peeking, but maybe some are stronger than me! Enjoy your longed for weekend time :)

  4. This is a neat idea and a very cool journal. I love the pictures you chose for it, the picture of the little girl is just so sweet.


  5. Beautiful- what a treat to check in and see this viual feast! Maggies book will be the last one to come to me and it will by then be filled with everyone's beautiful art- I can't wait to see it in person!

  6. Hi Angie :)
    I love the restraint you have...I always end up using every inch, I never corral myself in and I regret it. I need to take a lesson from you:)
    Congratulations on your new successes...the gallery and the blog award! You shine!

  7. Beautiful blend of colours and images - its gorgeous & I'm super lucky to get to hold it in my hands to enjoy up close for this month. Its always hard to let these journals go at the end of the month, but I suppose I have to lol,:-) But meanwhile I get to appreciate yours & Maggie's art up close. And wonder what I'll create on the next pages...

    Kat Xx

  8. Thanks everyone!
    Kat I'm finding I don't want to let them go either!