Sunday 29 April 2012

Round robin journal project - 1st book!

These are the pages I've completed in Lisa's journal ...
The girl started as a pencil sketch that I did ages ago; as soon as I got Lisa's book I remembered her and wanted to include her.
I think it's because something in her pose and expression reminds me of Lisa's work. So after adding some colour, I collaged her onto a background of tea-stained lettering and red acrylic paint.
I've added a quote to the other side of the spread, with some paper that I've painted and printed as a background. 
Lisa also asked us to complete a tag. When I posted about my "Poem" canvas, she'd mentioned that she liked the word "whisper". So I put a quote on my tag too - it reads "Listen to the whisper of your heart".

I'll be posting Lisa's journal off to the next person this week, and I'll be starting work on Tammy's book - watch this space :)


  1. Oh Angie- it is wonderful. You are really very talented x

  2. Angie, I love this so much!! The girl is so charming...I love everything about her. Her hands, her sweet hopeful expression. I think it's so difficult to draw a face with the eyes looking upward. You have captured that and it looks so natural. I love the quote too.

  3. Those pages are wonderful Angie... I LOVE your gorgeous girl... and I am sure Lisa will love what you have done... beautiful tag too...

    Jenny x

  4. I LOVE, love, LOVE this- all the layers with the girl, the background- everything about it is wonderful! And SO very Lisa! I can't wait to see it in real life :)
    I must say again what an amazing treasure these are going to be when we're done!

  5. Wow Angie... you're just a whirlwind of creativity! I love the journal pages (the girl almost looks familiar ~ how strange) and that tag is just darling! What happens to these pages when they're sent around? Who ends up with them in the end?

    1. Sharon thank you! And the plan is that we each get back the journal we started at the end :)

  6. Ah Angie, you did such a beautiful job on that sweet girl. She has such an innocence about her. It's as though she is releasing the butterflies. I love the quote too. It touched my heart. You know I love everything you do. I am sure Lisa will be tickled with this layout. What a treat!

    Have a lovely week!

  7. These are gorgeous pages Angie! I love the layers, colours, quote and the girl you've brought to life. Lisa is a lucky girl! And I'm lucky cause I get to see it for real next!! :-))

    Today on my blog I've posted pictures of my pages in your journal if you want to peek. Or you may want it to be a surprise. I got to warn you they are not as good as yours but they are from me & my heart to you so hopefully you'll like them for that reason even if my artist skills are not as clever :-)

    Big Hugs
    Kat Xx

    1. Well of course I peeked! And I love what you've created in my journal Kat, it's gorgeous!! x

  8. Angie,
    just traveling around, journal peeking!
    This is sooooo beautiful!!!

    I wish we could all sit in a room together at the end and have some tea/coffee and ooooh and
    ahhhh at each other's journals!

    It will be nice to know that each journal is just full of heart and soul!

    I hope your week is happy and bright!