Sunday 25 March 2012

My first ever art journal!

A quick sneak preview - the front cover of my first ever art journal! 

I'm making the journal for a round robin project that I'm taking part in along with seven of my lovely online friends (who also happen to be seven of my favourite artists!)

Each of us will work on our own front cover and a couple of the inside pages, then post it on to the next person to add some of their art, and so on. 

My pages are still very much a work in progress, but I'll be posting more photos later this week :)


  1. That is an exciting project and a wonderful idea. Looks like you have got yoiur journal off to a good start:)

  2. Hi Angie...
    It's beautiful, and you are right, it does resemble my journal, like sisters.
    I also read about your other project with the fabric squares.
    That sounds exciting! To be a part of an international art project, how wonderful.
    I look forward to seeing more glimpses of your will be a while until I see it first-hand.

  3. Angie, that looks amazing - what a lovely idea!

  4. Lovely journal!
    I tagged you on my blog! If you'd like to participate in this game of tag just come on over!

  5. Oh congratulations~ I've always wanted to try art journaling and I've no doubt you'll have loads of creative fun!

  6. Thanks everyone, I'm really looking forward to this project :)

  7. so lovely! good luck too...every great thinker has a journal!