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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Creative challenge - "Keys"

This week's IAE art challenge was "keys". Definitely an ongoing theme in my work so this was right up my street! 
 Things I love about keys -
They hint at things precious enough to be hidden away
They allow access to secrets
They're often old, ornate and rusty :)
 For my submission I've hand-painted and collaged this little wooden key cabinet. It needs some work yet but I wanted to share what I'd done so far. 
You can see all this week's submissions here - enjoy!


  1. The cabinet is looking lovely and you have some very special keys there!

  2. Oh, I like this and the keyhole on the inside is perfect.

  3. This is wonderful ~ I love little cabinets, and the addition of keys makes this special! I love the collage papers and the keyhole on the inside.

  4. Ooo, I finally made it to yours- I LOVE this cabinet, it's so beautiful, and the extra keys and keyhole on the inside are the perfect finishing touch! So different from your usual work and yet it still says "Angie" to me!

  5. I love your little key cabinet! The little hearts on the inside keys are darling.

  6. I really like what you have done so far, Angie. I especially like that keyhole you included on the inside of the door.

  7. This cabinet is adorable and I love all those older antique keys... this is really lovely!!

  8. This cabinet is super cute, and I wish I had something like that to put my keys in (-: Come to think of it, where are they? Yikes, I have to find them! But really, the collaged key on the inside and outside of the door are great, and it's beautiful as well as practical, with the other keys on the inside wall, hanging nicely. Great job!