Sunday 28 August 2011

Sunflowers - IAE creative challenge

My Inspiration Avenue challenge submission is last-minute again (yes, normal service has been resumed!) This is a photo manipulation of a miniature painting I did aaaages ago (original below)
 I'm not that familiar with working this way but creative challenges are all about trying things outside your comfort zone! I'm still debating but on the whole I think I quite like the abstraction...

Inspiration Avenue will be blooming with sunflowers later today - click here to admire them :)


  1. I LOVE your abstraction and the original as well- both are SO beautiful!

  2. Sunflowers have a range of summer and autumn colors. I love your abstractions and the colors you used make me impatiently anticipate Fall!

    Your comment on IA for this theme tickled me. I give up, last minute seems to work for me!


  3. I love the idea of abstracting an original piece like that- it takes everything in a whole new direction. It works really well:)

  4. Oh WOW. This is impressive. I'm so in love with this digital abstract art. This is the BEST. It was great that you showed the original, too. Both are fun, but that abstract is WONDERFUL. I like how you took the chance to play with digital.

  5. Hi Angie,

    I actually LOVE the digital abstraction of the sunflower...unique and colorful, yet still a sunflower. Well done!! Thanks for visiting my blog as it led me to yours and a new cyber friend..."see" you and your blog again...


  6. What a very cool abstraction! And yet, it's clearly a sunflower. It's sometimes fun to step out and try something new.....if nothing else it stirs those creative juices!

  7. Hi Angie ☺
    I don't think you can go wrong with a big colorful flower no matter what you do...and I like the abstract very much.
    I just scrolled down and saw your goodies from Luthien, she certainly has you pegged. Those beads are yummy!

  8. Love those great colors in your pretty painting.
    It is fun to manipulate art huh! It turned out cool too.

  9. I like both the painting and the manipulation - it's very interesting to see them so close together.

  10. Those colors are so interesting against each other, the manipulated one is like the bright sun has dazzled my eyes. The petals are like little flames and hearts in the original, lots of flickering movement!

  11. Enjoyed seeing both versions, made me want to do a little of that experimenting!