Sunday 10 April 2011

Lovely things that have inspired me this week ...

I've loved  Tim Holtz's "Lost and Found" papers since I saw them. In the end resistance proved futile and I had to buy some! I think it was the clock face paper that finally swung it ... I almost hyperventilated when I saw it...
Replica WW2 ration books (from a little gift shop at Salford Museum/Art Gallery) ...
Such nice aged-looking paper, and I love the handwritten names and addresses. They feel like they each have a story to tell ....
And these gorgeous blue ceramics are the newest additions to my button collection. I've definitely developed a slightly unhealthy obsession with buttons ...!

What's inspired you this week? 


  1. Gorgeous inspirations, Angie! Tim Holtz stuff is wonderful! I have all sorts of things of his to play with. I love it all, too. I have ink pads, papers, stamps, and glitter glues, metal embellishments, etc. His stuff is so fun and right up our alley, huh? Maybe one day you and I could do a swap, if you'd like to.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. I am so happy to hear you are selling enough to keep you busy. How fun! Hugs,

  2. button collection? I knew It! Great minds thinks Loving the clock vintagy.


  3. The buttons are ooooh so gorgeous indeed. Great inspiration for sure. Thanks for popping by my blog again. Speak soon lovely. Loves Ionwen X

  4. Ooooh all three are so inspirational... loving the Tim Holtz papers too and those buttons are divine... old vintage book covers are inspiring me at the moment...

    Have a great week
    Jenny x

  5. I can definitely see why each of these inspire you- and I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing them in your work! Especially those buttons and ration books- gorgeous!

  6. What wonderful things you can do with each of these beauties! Love those papers...I think it's time for me to browse through some decorative papers. I was looking through mine the other day and wishing I had something more colorful. These are so richly colored!

  7. What a bunch of trasures!!! I am excited to see them pop-up in your artwork! How inspiring:) Thanks so much for your sweet made me smile. XOX

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :)

    Tammy you're making me jealous with all those goodies, and yes a swap would be great! I haven't got much to swap yet but I'm sure I'll be building up a collection!

    Bunny be careful, I have my eye on your button collection ha ha :)

    Jenny vintage book covers sound yummy to work with!