Sunday 6 March 2011

Celestial - this week's IAE creative challenge

You know when you get an idea in your head and it keeps nagging you and won't go away?
Well, I've been wanting to paint an angel for ages. Not a pretty girly angel though, more of an androgynous, slightly enigmatic one!
So although I've had very little time to myself this week, when I found out the Inspiration Avenue challenge theme was "celestial" I couldn't resist at least making a start!
So apologies that he is unfinished - he needs some more painting and I'm still debating whether I prefer him with or without real feathers - but here he is so far!

You can see all the celestial submssions from this week here


  1. He is a very handsome and certainly enigmatic - I think I could fall in love with him actually in the style of a young adult fantasy romance novel :-) Let me know if he goes into your shop at some point!

    And yes I do know about that nagging idea; I have a few ongoing ones at the moment. I need at least 48 hours in a day & better health to create all the ideas into being. Lol. You've proved here though that the ideas that nag away the longest often tend to turn out to be important. Glad your muse nagged you to paint this!

    Kat X

  2. Male angels are so interesting. Maybe because female angels have been done more often. Or maybe because I think of the archangels Michael and Gabriel.

    Anyway, I love this angel. I really like the addition of feathers, but might depend on what else you do with him...IMO, he's great the way he is!

  3. OMG, Angie. I love him, he's so zen-like. He is beautiful.
    Happy Sunday my friend, xox

  4. I love your angel- he looks so calm and wise. I like him with the feathers

  5. *squeee* Love him, love him Angie oooh and yes real feathers!


  6. Definitely with the feathers. He is fab! Great to see a male angel too.

  7. Your angel is intriguing. He has a look of strength and wisdom, a great protector like Michael or Gabriel. And I do like the wings with the feathers. Even though you want to do more, your piece is beautiful.

  8. He is great! We often see little boy cherubs but seldom do we see grown men as angels. I wonder why? LOL
    This is a nice painting.

  9. It must be me Angela..but he scares me in a sexy way...does that make sense? It's gotta me me.

    love ya,

  10. Thanks so much everyone! Feathers are the way to go it seems!

    Kat, Bunny - I love that you both find my angel strangely attractive lol (he's not based on a real person, sadly!)

  11. Gorgeous and inspirational..his energy is quite powerful and loving!

  12. Inspired indeed. Very Celestial and can't imagine what more you can add.
    Do share..
    Very cool submission!

  13. He is gorgeous- I love the pensive look on his face, and I must admit that I like with AND without the feathers- your painting is so strong, My only concern would be that the feathers might detract from him in some way.....just my two cents, but either way it's an incredibly powerful piece. I LOVE it!

  14. Real feathers definitely work for me :) Love the fact that you have chosen a male angel... it's the feminine and masculine combined. Beautiful!