Thursday 9 September 2010

Black and white

Some amazing monochrome art I've found on etsy -


  1. Gorgeous pieces, all! I am partial to the Angel with one wing...of course the piece with a wee shot of color (hee hee)

    I think monochromes are so pleasing in their simplicity, but also so difficult to execute.

    Thankyou for sharing :)

  2. these are all candy for my eyes! isn't it fun parousing etsy for such great stuff? I can spend hours...

  3. I'm just now getting into etsy. I have missed so much. It is fun to see what others create.

    I wanted to thank you again for your kindness during last week's Inspiration Avenue challenge. I am a bit earlier this week, and will be posting today (Sept 10). I also feature a blog each day on my blog, and have chosen yours as my blog today. Thanks for being such an inspiration and encouraging me to join in this weekly challenge.

  4. Lisa I debated including that one as it's not strictly monochrome, but it was too lovely not to!

    Jaime you and me both! Etsy's a real time-stealer - a siren that draws you in! ;)

    BleubeardandElizabeth I'm sure you'll soon be addicted to etsy too! Thanks so much for the feature, that's really sweet of you! And look forward to seeing your new challenge piece :)