Saturday 28 August 2010

What I did in the holidays

I've had a fair bit of commission work lately, which I love doing and am very grateful for, but I promised myself that once it was all finished I'd allow myself a little time just to play, experiment, and do something a bit different without worrying about the end result! 

Art at it's best is pure play :)

So I kept my promise to myself, and this is my play piece so far! I've used acrylic paints and bubble wrap (proper nursery school stuff!) to make a print onto some cotton fabric, and have started adding some stitching around the circles.

I've no idea if I'm going to do anything with this, or what the end result will be, but it's lovely just enjoying the process and seeing what happens! 

What have you been working on lately?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm afraid my Etsy shop is currently empty :( Must get round to re-stocking it, but I've never had the success on there that you do, so don't have the incentive. Still, it inspired me to set up other shops elsewhere, and who knows if I get a bit more prolific, I'll be able to restock soon.

    There's nothing like playing and experimenting with your artwork - I plan to be doing the same very soon!

  2. it's nice isn't it? to play, or to have the opportunity to play :) i get that "pressured" feeling all the time when i'm doing commissions and after it all, it's like spring air :)love what you did with the piece ... it's already nice as it is :)

    me? i'm hatching something new :)

  3. Playing with new stuff is always fun. I'm like Jude and haven't had a lot of success with Etsy, but I do have a show in September.

    Your piece is looking very interesting and fun! Creating a new process for yourself is exciting! I agree with Luthien, it looks finished... but I know how that goes... ha ha

    I'm working on a digital drawing of an angel and some other stuff.

  4. Jude I'd love to see the results of your experiments too! Let me know if you re-stock your etsy shop at some point. I'm no expert but have been there a while now, and there are some pointers that can help get you more traffic there, would be happy to chat to you more about it if you wanted :)

    Luthien thank you - yes it's lovely to do a "no pressure" piece now and then! I am very intrigued by your new venture - will keep a lookout!

    Jaime best of luck with your show! Maybe you and Luthien are right and it is finished - or I may just play with it some more til I get bored! Ooh I'm planning on doing an angel painting too - I'm quite drawn to angels (no pun intended!) Would love to see yours when it's done:)

  5. Art at it's best is pure play.

    That says it all...wonderful quote.

    I, for one, am as excited as you to see where this will go.

    As for me...I'm learning.