Wednesday 23 June 2010

My favourite art exhibition so far this year!

Some of my favorite things from this year's Manchester University Art Degree Show. These pieces are by Art Foundation, Textiles, Fine Art and Embroidery students. 

I'm always inspired by the the fabulously innovative work on display. The chair below is made entirely from cutlery! 


  1. wow!! NICE!!! i would have loved to be there with you :)

  2. I would have loved it if you could have been there too Luthien! Did you ever go to the show when you were over here?

  3. i don't think so ... i wasn't so into art that time ... remember i was supposed to be an accountant ;) LOL!!

  4. Really?? Well now whilst I'm sure you were very good at accounting, I really can't see you doing that at all!

  5. Looks like a great exhibition! I like the "wheel" best!

  6. I do like this chair the best...cutlery huh? Everything else is very creative...looks like a fun exhibit.


  7. Wish I could have been ther with you. And Luthien.
    Funny note...I just saw a wreathe made from forks and spoons in a shop today, and thought of you. I should take a photo and send it to you. Darn shipping costs. I would just buy it and send the damn thing to you...

  8. Erika, it was! thanks for visiting :)

    Bunny it's amazingly creative - I can spend hours there!

    Lisa come along with Luthien next year - the more the merrier lol! The cutlery wreath sounds fab! xxx