Sunday 16 May 2010

Architecture Chellenge

This week's Inspiration Avenue team challenge theme was "architecture". I took the original photo (below) a while ago when I was out and about in Manchester (I was actually taking photos for a previous IAE challenge which was about the place where you live).

I  love the curve and the ornate detail of this building.

As I have a lovely free day today to potter round (for a pleasant change!) I thought it would be fun to have a play with the photo - so I printed it off and hand-embellished it using acrylics, oil pastels, ink and coloured pencils. This is the end result -

You can see all the other submissions for this week's challenge by clicking here :)


  1. It's gorgeous! I love how you embellished the photo, Angie. That building is wonderful. I just love architectural details. It's always fun to visit Washington DC for photo taking.

  2. Loved my visit over here this morning. I am allowed about ten minutes morning and afternoon on the computer since my
    This building is wonderful and the way you captured it is really stunning.
    Also your wreaths on the post before this one they are so pretty.
    How creative you are.
    Thanks for all the get well wishes...hopefully tomorrow and the MRI's I will know something

  3. Angie I love how you made the photo feel so authentic with the embellishments. A gorgeous building made even more so. Bravo!

  4. Very nice treatment, it works really well!

  5. what a great transformation job you did there - did it require a lot of patience? It's amazing the details we see when we look up though isn't it. I'm always fascinated by what we might miss if we keep our eyes at street level.

  6. Thanks Tammy - I love the details too.

    Maggie thanks for your lovely comments :) It's always lovely to see you visit but don't you be over-doing your computer time til you're feeling better young lady!

    Chris, Elena, Sarah - thanks so much for your comments!

    Lisa to be honest it didn't take long at all. I tend to look all around when I'm out walking too. My other half always looks at the ground - he says in case he finds money!

  7. What a magnificent building!!! How wonderful to actually get to see it in person! You really have to take in that picture and all the details!

  8. Odor this wow what a cool building !!

  9. Incredible! What a great idea...I thought that was the original photo til I read on...I would have never thought of doing that, even though I loved color sooo much as a kid...hmmm...good thing to try out for fun in my art journal (it's made, but still blank) *sigh*

  10. Well you've done it again! I would NEVER have thought of doing something like this! So interesting. I guess the saying "the only limits to what you can can do is your own imagination" is proven!

    Lovely work as always


  11. Love what you did with this.
    Lots of very pretty details.

  12. IMGIRL, Shel - thanks so much, I'm glad you like it :)

    Lisa it's good in that you can just paint out bits you don't like! And whether you try this idea or something else, I'm quite sure your journal won't be blank for long!!

    Rona thank you - you always leave such lovely comments :)

    Gemma thank you - and lovely to see you visiting my blog :)

  13. Ooh, I'm so late getting around to the entries...

    This is such a beauty! I love the curves and the flower details. Your embellishments make it even more beautiful! What building is this? Looks like a theatre, or a bank...? Something grand.

  14. Maggie thank you! Do you know I'm not completley sure what the building was now - I just thought it was pretty lol! I think it may be a bank ...!

  15. I'm even later than Maggie- sorry! This is so beautiful, and I love the choices you made with your colors- I also love how you meshed the architechtural style of the building with your own unique "Art Angel" style- I'd KNOW that was one of yours from anywhere!

  16. Stephanie thanks so much - I'm really flattered that you said you can recognize my style - thank you :)