Friday 30 April 2010

IAE BLOG PARTY - Learn your Lesson - Etsy for Beginners!

Seeing as a few days ago it was my etsy-versary - (my etsy shop is now 3 years old!)
I thought it would be fun to post an "etsy shop tutorial" - after all, I must have learned something in 3 years, right?!

So, these are my top 7 tips for your etsy shop. I am of course taking it as a given that you have a great product - well, you're just so talented, you must have!!

1. Photo opportunity - 

Great photos are half the battle. Shoppers on line can't pick up your work, turn it over in their hands and see it from all angles, so your photos have to do this for them. Take photos in natural light (but not direct sun) if possible, or on a windowsill if your item is small enough. Photograph your item from all angles. Be aware of the background - is it setting off your item to best effect?
2. Be Visible -

No matter how amazing your work is, unless people can find it, they can't buy it! There are loads of ways of increasing your visibility - advertising is one of course, but there are many completely free ways too. Participating in etsy forums and chats, blogging, joining Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, or one of the other social networking sites are all worth considering. Stick with just a few things that you enjoy; you're more likely to keep up with them. Basically, selling is a numbers game - the more people who look, the more chance you have of a sale.

3. Location location location -

(Towns and Cities of England jigsaw brooch by MrPS)

People do search by places and "shop local". Add your state as well as your town if you're in the US. If you're in the UK like me, try using your city and "England", "UK" and "Europe" so that you will show up in any of those searches. Locations like "fairyland" may be cute, but they're not too helpful!

4. Tag you're it - 

 (Fruity gift tags from greenearthgoodies)

Use all your 14 available tags. Tagging with colours is useful - people often curate Treasuries with a particular colour theme in mind and search for items that way. Also, as long as it's accurate, try and list items in more than one category to increase your visibility.  For example, I have my hand-painted hearts listed in both home decor and holiday categories.

5.  Measuring up -

Write your description as if you don't have a photo there. Answer all the questions a buyer may have; what is it made of, how can I use it, how do I care for it? Always add the size of your item, ideally in cm as well as inches. For things like necklaces and bags, having a photo of the item being worn is excellent - a visual is always helpful.

6. Making an announcement -

When writing your shop announcement (the bit that sits right under your banner) be aware that Google picks up what you type here, so make sure it's helping people find you. Use something which people may  search if they were looking for what you're selling. Mine is "affordable original art". Less helpful would be something like "welcome to my shop". Google also reads the first few words of your item titles and your sections, so again make sure these are relevant.

7.Have something for every pocket
 (Purse by oktak)

Try to have a wide range of price points. Inexpensive items are great for impulse buyers and are a good way for buyers to "try out" your work (I've had a few buyers purchase a little art card for under $8 then later come back and buy a bigger piece). Also, if you have an amazing item that took months to make and that you'd only sell for thousands of dollars, add that too! Even if it doesn't sell, it's likely to draw attention to your shop!

Want to learn something else? Visit the IAE blog and see what else we've got!


  1. Fantastic information for us newbies, thanks loads!
    P.s love your work

  2. Good info...been thinking about it but I'm scared. Have to think some more. Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Angie, this is great! It's so full of helpful information. Newbies and seasoned sellers can find something they need to work on!

  4. I'm glad you found it helpful, and thanks so much for the p.s. Deborah!

    Bunny - as Nike would say, just do it! ;) If you want any help just give me a shout!

    Maggie, Kelly - thank you both!

  5. Great tips and ideas! I actually printed them for future use...

    Mommy Tyme Gifts

  6. that's really useful stuff - especially about the tags. I might have to spend a few hours looking at all my entries again!

  7. Excellent info! I have just started my Etsy shop and need these tips. Thanks!

  8. Fantastic information, I am going to have to make a few changes to my shop. Thank you.

  9. I learned a lot in this lesson ... thanks, so much! I'm going to head to my Etsy shop and make some changes!

    Have a great day!

  10. Thanks everyone - I'm really happy that so many of you found something useful here!

  11. Very informative and helpful! Thanks for the great party favor!

  12. Great tips! Although I do not have Etsy shop but I think those tips can be applied to any online business. :o)

    Passion For Beads

  13. Ok, this is just too darn cool! You really did a fabulous job and I love how creative you were. You should definitely post a permanent link to this on the sidebar of your blog. ;-)

  14. Great tips Angie! Thanks for sharing them and congrats on 3 years! Whoot!!

  15. Excellent points and I learned something new about google...I ever knew I must do some shop editing! Thank you so very much Angie, maybe I am not such a bad student afterall :)

  16. Thanks Angie, don't know if I'll be selling anything on Etsy, but there are lots of valuable tips for selling anywhere!

  17. Thank you Angie for some great tips, some I knew but there were still plenty I didn't. Must go check over my store especially my tags! ♥

  18. What an amazing idea for your tutorial, Angie! Thanks for sharing your suggestion- I have to admit that I had my shop open while reading through and have already made a couple of changes!

  19. Angie this is awesome. It gave me some great ideas to try. Thank you!!

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was unprepared for all of the wonderful inspiration here.Great!

  21. I don't have an etsy store, but if I ever decide to sell my art, I will have these tried and true tips to get me started. Thanks so much for sharing this information.

  22. Thanks everyone who has visited and taken time to leave a comment :)

  23. Hi Angie...I love these tips. I'm going to change me intro right now. And I have a question... you said to add your location...Where do i do that? Thanks,

  24. Charlie - go to "my etsy" and then "public profile". There's a space there to add your city and country :)

  25. Hi Angie, great post, good tips that would work wherever you want to sell really! One day I may just get there, all seems a bit big and scary right now tho!


  26. It's not scary at all Rona - honest! If you decide to join and want any help with anything just give me a shout :)

  27. Lots of really great useful tips - thanks Angie. I've really got to put some work into my Etsy shop and this will undoubtedly help.

    Kat Xx