Wednesday 3 February 2010

Etsy Winter Warmers

T.S. Eliot thought that April was the cruellest month, but I think February is a good contender. It's cold, wet  and dark, Christmas is a distant memory and Spring still seems so far away.

But I'm making an effort to focus on the good things about winter, and enjoy the brisk winter walks, log fires and cocoa, and not wish my life away til Spring!

In that spirit I've collected together these ideal-for-February lovlies from etsy sellers - all guaranteed to chase away the winter blues.

1. It is possible to be warm and glamourous! This gorgeous crotcheted lace shawl is by afra
2. Luxuriously soft Merino wool gloves will keep you cosy and stylish - these from JRoseAtelier are a beautiful shade of deep red
3. This wonderful and original stained glass votive holder from artyecological   gives off such a warm, colourful glow
4. The stunning rich textures and colours of this lap quilt by QuiltLover are sure to brighten dark evenings
5. Perfect for brewing lots of much needed hot tea on cold days! Green dandelion teapot by 22pages
6. And not forgetting a winter bonus for our feathered friends! This sweet little birdhouse is from DoorCountyWoodworks


  1. I'm with you on the April debate!! What a gorgeous selection of winter warmers. I particularly like that little bird box!!

    ~Stay warm! I think more snow is forecast!!~

  2. Afra and 22pages you're most welcome, I love both your shops!

    Catherine it's actually just started snowing here, I think I'll be needing all the winter warmth I can get! x

  3. ahhh... wonderful selection my fren :) i esp love the stain glass holder. i am really envious that you're getting snow. it only snowed once in manchester in all the 3 years i was there ... hmmmm....

  4. Artangel, thank you so much, this was a wonderful surprise. Thanks again...artyecological

  5. Oh what lovely choices! and yep, I know how you feel. After xmas I ALWAYs get the January blues, but February is never much better!

  6. Keep warm and stay possitive. Spring will be here sooner than you think!

  7. Luthien no, it hasn't snowed this much here for years(shall I send you some?) x

    Artyecological my pleasure :)

    Annette thanks - we need something to brighten up the days, don't we?

    Thanks Tali - I'll keep telling myself that! :)

  8. Great post, these folk have definitely got the right idea on how to warm up a chilly day!

  9. Wonderful, thanks for sharing! Keep yourself warm, lots of love,
    Sanda xx

  10. Stephenie yes they're very stylish ways to keep warm :)

    Sanda thank you too - it's actually a bit warmer here now, hope all the snow's gone in Ireland too! x

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