Tuesday 2 December 2008

My 15 Minutes!

I just have to mention that I was in the Storque a couple of days ago -my claim to Etsy fame!
You can see the article here - it's a great piece about Etsy sellers from all over the UK. It was written by the very lovely and extremely talented Eloise of HidenSeek - she is very successful on Etsy selling her beautiful, fairy-tale inspired artwork.
Eloise was sweet enough to feature this Christmas ornament of mine - it's in the grid of items at the bottom of the article! Anyone now wanting my autograph, you just have to ask ;)


  1. Oh Angie that's wonderful and so deserving! I was just eying your ornaments yesterday as I know the holidays are quickly approaching and I'm itching to add some of your beauties to my baked bread this year (on the outside of course). Will have to take another gander today before you sell out. ;-)

  2. Sharon thanks so much for your purchase - I hope they look good on your baked bread - would love to see!