Saturday 22 November 2008

Another painting completed and the dilemna of periwinkle!

This is the next one in the series of paintings I have been commissioned to do for Jennie. This one is a slightly different take on one of my previously sold paintings; the colours this time are softer greens and lavenders. Next I'll be working on one of my "Feathers" paintings, which will be on a periwinkle blue background, to go along with this painting and the others I have already completed. I double checked with Jennie about the background colour, as there doesn't really seem to be a common concensus as to what colour periwinkle actually is - when I googled it I got everything from lavender to soft grey! Good job I checked before I started to paint the feathers - wouldn't have relished the idea of painting round all those wispy bits in a new colour!


  1. This new addition is absolutely gorgeous Angie! I'm so excited to see the final series together!

    I had no idea there was such a discrepancy with periwinkle, who would have though? Thanks heaven you checked first. ;-)

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Sharon. I'll be posting the "Feathers" on periwinkle when it's done too - you could let me know if you are in agreement with the colour ha ha!