Saturday 11 October 2008

Feathers and More Feathers!

I've just finished a commission for a lovely lady on Etsy, for three of these feather paintings. She'd seen my larger feathers painting, and wanted a smaller version commissioned for a friend of hers who had sadly lost someone very close to her (the inspiration behind these paintings is the saying that if you find a white feather, it means an angel has passed by). I was really touched by her thoughtfulness towards her friend, and I do hope she likes the finished painting. The reason for the other two commissions was that the lady's daughters then saw the paintings too and decided they would like one each, in different colours! Though there is often more pressure working on commissions, especially when there is a deadline to meet, I do love them. Art is usually quite a solitary pursuit, and I really enjoy the chance to share ideas with someone else, and to work to create for them the picture they have in their head!


  1. Oh Angie these are gorgeous and I love the symbolism. You always create such deep beauty!