Saturday 9 August 2008

Look What I Got!!

It was my birthday this week (yay!!). Last year I decided to treat myself to a little birthday gift from Etsy. I started a forum thread with my price range and the sort of thing I was looking for, and I had so much fun looking at all the suggestions and making my choice, I decided to do the same again this year! You can see above what I decided on this time - gorgeous floral earrings from JTsBoutique, and some delicious (I hope I'm not tempted to eat it!) oatmeal, milk and honey soap from SudsNSuch. I love doing this for my birthday - it's like having dozens of personal shoppers suggesting things to you! I can't wait to receive my Etsy presents!


  1. Hi Angie!

    Oh, please don't take a bite of your soap...yuck! lol!
    I shipped it yesterday so it's on its way. Happy Birthday!


  2. Oh I don't know - if it smells as good as it looks I may be tempted!

    Thanks for letting me know it's on it's way Angie - looking forward to trying it out x

  3. Oh Happy Birthday Angie!!! How absolutely wonderful and what a fabulous way to celebrate!!

  4. Thanks Sharon - it was fun, I'd recommend it!

  5. Please visit my blog for an award you've received - thanks!