Thursday 14 February 2008

Patchwork Hearts - New Painting

Just in time for Valentines! This is an acrylic painting on art board, and measures 8 x 10". I have just listed it in my Etsy shop, I do seem to be completely obsessed with hearts at the moment - in fact, a very large proportion of my work seems to be based on either hearts or trees! Perhaps some psychoanalyst can read some meaning into that ...??


  1. I have a thing about hearts too.. there is definitely a hidden message behind it.. but if I went to more of my psychology classes 4 years ago, I may be able to answer it for you! (I had art and design classes going on at the same time and decided to concentrate more on that!)

  2. I think we must both be looking for more love decadentdiamond! Art and psychology sounds a great combination.