Saturday 26 January 2008


Hi and welcome to my brand new blog! I am an artist living in Manchester, UK. I mainly work in mixed media and acrylics, and my work is currently for sale online in my Etsy shop - My art is all original work - I don't currently sell prints. I starting selling my work online around a year and a half ago. This blogging thing is a new venture for me so please be gentle! I would really welcome any comments - whether gushing praise (and to be clear, that's always especially welcome!), constructive criticism, or just stopping in to say hi.


  1. Great Blog beginnings!! :) I LOVE your artwork, it's gorgeous. Is it tough to part with originals? They're so amazing, I would find it hard!! :)

  2. Hi ara
    Thanks for your kind words! Yes it can be hard to part with some of my paintings - I do get quite attached to some of them!

  3. Hi,
    Welcome to Etsy and blogging. I saw your avatar in the forums it a lot. Have fun!

  4. Thanks high desert diva - everyone's so friendly -wish I'd started sooner!!